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For employment within the group, please contact Nick Havercroft or using the contact form below, briefly outline where your interests are and attach your CV. Green Earth Africa has many opportunities available which will allow you to work from home on a commission basis, selling the various offsets to companies and individuals, attending various expos and trade shows on the company’s behalf to market the various environmentally friendly products. The more you sell the bigger your reward, reach certain goals and you can be flown down to spend time on our safari concessions and meet the team, see what we are protecting. It is a perfect opportunity to make extra cash and feel good about doing it at the same time. Offsets can be sold anywhere in the world so there is no limit, no matter where you live. Contact Nick Havercroft and a marketing presentation pack will be mailed to you with instructions, commissions, rewards, GEA kit etc.

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Green Earth Africa is dedicated to fostering sustainable development and combating climate change through innovative solutions and global partnerships.

Join us in our mission to create a more sustainable and equitable future.

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